Friday, March 31st  SCRA Community Practice Council meeting

Interactive Webinar to re-launch the New Bank for Community Ideas and Solutions

  • hosted by SCRA´s Community Practice Council (Tom Wolff), and
  • facilitated by Bill Berkowitz, Bradley Olson, Jordan Russell and Modena Stinette (USA) and Wolfgang Stark (Germany)


9th International Conference of Community Psychology (ICCP)

September 21-24, 2022, Naples Italy

Workshop ID 137 1: Community resilience in times of global crises: Pre-Conference Workshop


The COVID-19 pandemic has been and still is a historical crisis for humankind that affects our entire planet. Crises such as global climate change, war and militarism, but also industrial agriculture, racism, social-economic injustice, and gender violence also require attention. While these issues may not seem connected, they are all human made and have global impact. They are likewise an opportunity to transform our thinking.


11th Annual European Conference of Community Psychology

June, 2021: Virtual pre-conference workshop, “Community Resilience in Times of Pandemic”