Although contributing to the Bank of Community Ideas and Solutions and collecting stories, experiences, ideas and solutions will be on a voluntary basis, some resources will be needed to • Build and maintain common and individual accounts of ideas and solutions and make it available for members and public
• Curate moments, stories, ideas and solutions contributed to the bank (check similar formats, add key words, create templates, curate categories etc)
• Accelerate and support further development of ideas and solutions to prepare for start-up processing or public/social investments
• Decelerate to create moments of pause, stillness and reflection on fundamental and overarching issues of community and society beyond creative ideas and solutions
• Evaluate individual and collective outcomes and investments in community ideas and projects emerging from using the treasure of experiential knowing from the Bank
• Develop tools to strengthen and transform communities implementing patterns for community resilience identified
• Financial Support needed to maintain and expand volunteer activities: € 600.000 for staff, tech support, research, evaluation Volunteers are needed to collect and curate stories from all parts of the world, to evaluate inherent patterns of success, and to encourage and share community empowerment and resilience. We hope to find regional coordinators for global regions like Latin and South America, Africa, Asia, Australia or in single countries.

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