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December 4, 2020

I used to participate in a writing workshop and, with the lockdown, we couldn’t get together any more. The facilitator then had the idea of having us write in a common time shared, each at home, and then, during the night, to go and display our poems in the streets of our town or village.

Writing alone at home, I felt the connection with the other people who participated in this experience. It was amazing! Then, by night, I posted my writings on a mobile panel in my village. After two days, someone from the town hall moved the sign but did not remove the poster.

This event taught me that in a common project, we can feel the presence of others from a distance and that the limitations to our freedom of movement can generate unexpected creative initiatives. I don’t think I would have dared to display my poems in the street without this exceptional event.

Pictures and poem translation by Corinne-Lara Tilloy

“He allows himself everything, the world!

From tragic to comic!

Wonder and despair come together in the privacy of our sighs…”

Story shared by Corinne-Lara Tilloy, France


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