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A bit more about us

We are pleased to introduce the New Bank for Community Ideas and Solutions, a unique global collaboration designed to promote community building and strengthen community life everywhere.

The Bank is a collection of ideas and solutions inspired by the spontaneous community creativity emerging from the pandemic and other crises our planet is experiencing (e.g., climate change, racism, social injustice).

Perhaps your own community has experienced a surprising situation or developed a distinctive response to the coronavirus outbreak. We encourage you to share your experience by clicking the button just below and answering a few brief questions.

We hope this site may help to demonstrate the importance of community building in a time of crisis and illustrate the many ways that community psychology and community action can make a contribution.

Remembering our shared moments and experiences will help to create a better world!

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Reflections and ideas on Societal Transformation have started already before the pandemics. Now, during a global crisis we never experienced before, many of us start wondering on “What is waiting to be changed once we go back from a feeling of emergency towards a ‘new normality’? What kind of life could we imagine after the pandemics, based on co-creation, values and the common good?”

Beyond anxiety, economic and social stress, people also value new experiences: a new sense of family, surprising calmness in urban spaces, the value of nature and social belonging, slowing down one´s own life. These are experiences they did not have for a long time or some never had before. Even more people told and tell stories about surprising experiences and creative solutions for local and regional challenges. Young and old people, haves and have nots, business and civil society, urban and rural settings are cooperating in a new and often surprising way we cannot allow ourselves to forget.

We are concerned about what we should remember and keep as community building blocks for our society and our ‘brave new world’ – once we survived the global crisis as a global society. We believe that remembering our new sense of community – be it surprising little moments of awareness, creative ideas or surprising solutions) and collecting what we have valued as common treasures can help not only to recover from a global crisis as a society, but also to re-design and co-create our new post-pandemic world.

Why Join Us

  • People Of All Kind And From All Around The Globe Are Invited To Collect And Donate Their Experiences, Memories And/Or Valued Stories To The New Bank Of Community Ideas
  • Doing This, They Will – As Members Of The New Bank Of Community Ideas And Solutions – Contribute To A Common Account To Which They Will Have Access 24/7
  • Members Will Be Able To Open Individual And Collective Accounts By Drawing Experiences, Ideas And Solutions They Value Most And Use These As Patterns And Tools To Model And Design Their Individual And Collective Future
  • An Algorithm Based On Keywords Can – If Wanted – Open ‘Windows Of Opportunities’ Matching Your Choices With Relevant Others
  • An Option To Invest With Money Or Other Resources In Selected Solutions And Ideas Will Open Up Opportunities For Social Business And Start-Ups
  • Local Or Regional Matching Also Will Allow To Opt For And Initiate Face-Toface Meetings Which Will Support To Bring Together A Community Of People, Ideas And Solutions
  • Each Country Or Region Will Be Able To Develop Their Own ‘New Bank Of Community Ideas And Solutions’ In Order To Value Cultural Diversity And To Share Efforts And Human And Technical Resources. These Will Be Linked To The Whole Bank.

Meet the Team

Prof. Wolfgang Stark

Steinbeis Center Innovation and Sustainable Leadership


Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship, Munich, Germany
Free University VU Amsterdam, NL

Prof. Bradley Olson

National Louis University



Leslie Hatch Gail, PhD

University of xyz


Jordan Tackett Russell

Graduate Research Assistant


Prof. Wolfgang Stark

University of xyz


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