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February 9, 2021

During the quarantine, I set up a nonprofit that makes and sells homemade, pure vanilla extract that donates all of its profits to help hungry individuals throughout East TN by supporting Second Harvest Food Bank of East Tennessee. I want to help because I lived in an area that had many people who were battling hunger, and I saw the effects it had on them.

Pictures sent by William Cabaniss: Founder and CEO of Vanilla Feeds Tomorrow.

People across the region of East TN that are battling hunger might have a meal because of the support Vanilla Feeds Tomorrow has received.

I am a Freshman in High School and I received one of my largest surges of orders when I was just beginning to adjust to school in 2020 during my fourth day at school. I was stressing about getting all of the orders out, but my family and friends helped me get them out on time. I learned how supported I am and what great people are around me. I could not have made it through that period without their support.

Story shared by William Cabaniss, USA.

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